Henry Vesin ja 360 astetta

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Ei suinkaan noin kuumaa, vaan johtajuuden 360 astetta: ylös, sivuille ja alas. Hyvä johtaja on myös hyvä johdettava. Miksi ihmeessä meillä on tiedostaen tai tiedostamatta tapana tehdä pomomme elämä hankalaksi, eikös se pitäisi tehdä helpoksi? Henry pohtii esseessään varsin syvällisesti johtamista, varsinkin ylöspäin:

This was one of the most interesting topics for me. How can you be a good lead? Maxwell gives us 9 simple, yet very thorough ideas of how to do it.

  1. Lead yourself – It all starts from you and how you lead yourself, make your boss’ work easier by doing your own job well
  2. Lighten your leaders load – As mentioned above, do your own job well, provide solutions on problem, support and give help.
  3. Be willing to do what others won’t – When you help others, you help the team. And when you help the team, you help the leader.
  4. Don’t manage – lead – Management is controlling, leading is releasing. Think like a leader and act like a leader.
  5. Invest in relationships – It’s all about the people and relationships.
  6. Be prepared every time you take your leaders time – You don’t want to waste his time, don’t you?
  7. Know when to push and when to back off – Before his decision make your honest opinion clear. After decision act like it’s your decision, regardless what you said before. Be loyal.
  8. Become a go-to player – Be that one teamplayer who can always be trusted.
  9. Be better tomorrow than you are today – You are never ready, so don’t stop!

Tästä saisi mainion huoneentaulun konttorin seinälle! Minusta sinun kannattaisi lukea Henry koko essee TÄÄLTÄ!